Come later, we are under TS!

Fokker 100 noseview landing at la Havana on a heavy thunderstorm and reduced visibility. many other aircraft landed with the same weather conditions before and after this landing.

I make this landing all the time in Microsoft flight.

Perfect landing for these kinds of situations

Hey! Let’s see if we can find a microburst! Yes, most of the time you’ll get away with landing in a thunder storm, but sometimes you won’t, and then you’ll be called an incompetent idiot.

Could you tell me which company you work for so that I can avoid it like black plague? Wouldn’t want to fly with idiots who risk my life as a passenger over a few pesos of income. This landing should’ve never happened. Flying a plane right into a thunderstorm is suicide. And the fact that you landed safely is pure luck. I don’t want to be there when it runs out.


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